Buono starts online petition calling for Arango’s resignation

A day after the state’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate called on her opponent to demand the Hudson County Republican chairman resign his post, Barbara Buono’s campaign took the fight to the web.

Buono’s camp started an online petition Thursday that asks supporters to put pressure on Gov. Chris Christie and demand that he urge Chairman Jose Arango to resign. Buono called for Arango to step down yesterday after the chairman made comments she blasted as “wildly sexist.”

Arango told PolitickerNJ Buono’s decision to tap Milly Silva as her running mate was akin to “picking my secretary,” saying the lieutenant governor hopeful is unqualified for the job.

Arango later apologized for his comments and said they were taken out of context. He said the statement had everything to do with Silva’s qualifications and nothing to do with her gender.

The Buono camp sent the petition out in a campaign email Thursday afternoon and asked supporters to give their name and “demand action.”

“Jose Arango’s wildly sexist statements are an insult to accomplished women everywhere who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” the petition reads. “Milly Silva has worked since the age of 14 to lift herself out of poverty and risen to become an executive overseeing thousands of workers and multi-million dollar contracts.”

A campaign spokesman, David Turner, said the petition’s primary task is simply to put pressure on Christie to demand Arango step down. Buono starts online petition calling for Arango’s resignation