Christie takes action on pending bills

MILITARY AND VETERANS AFFAIRS S-87/A-2519 (Bateman, Addiego/Prieto, Jimenez, Benson, Singleton, Moriarty) – Permits veterans’ organizations to use net proceeds from


S-87/A-2519 (Bateman, Addiego/Prieto, Jimenez, Benson, Singleton, Moriarty) – Permits veterans’ organizations to use net proceeds from games of chance for organizations’ support

S-1122/A-3967 (Beck, Sarlo/ DeAngelo, O’Scanlon, Tucker, Casagrande, Rible) – Allows SPRS members to purchase SPRS credit for prior military service

A-2993/S-1712 (Benson, DeAngelo, Eustace, Singleton, Quijano, Wagner) – Provides unemployment benefits for certain ex-service members

A-2891/S-1905 (Tucker, Conaway, Singleton, DeAngelo, Lampitt, Giblin) – Provides for EMT and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic certification for certain veterans


S-2137/A-3272 (Sweeney, O’Toole/O’Donnell, Diegnan, Singleton) –  Provides for screening newborn infants for adrenoleukodystrophy

S-2227/A-3387 (Codey, Cunningham/Jasey, Conaway) – Requires medical examiner training about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy and requesting decedent’s medical information and brain donation for research

 A-2431/S-2386 (Lampitt, Diegnan, Wimberly/Buono, Vitale) – Permits person with developmental disability and legal guardian to audio record sessions of interdisciplinary team in which person or guardian participates

A-3432/S-2288 (Conaway, Lampitt, Munoz, DeCroce/Gordon, Bateman) – Requires development of a diabetes action plan by DOH

A-3357/S-2224 (Vainieri Huttle, Cryan, Wimberly, Coutinho, Lampitt, Angelini/Weinberg, Vitale) – Changes pejorative terminology referring to mental capacity of individuals


S-2815/A-4185 (B. Smith, Whelan/Ramos, McKeon, Burzichelli, Mosquera, Coughlin) – Makes certain changes to NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust Financing Program

S-2816/A-4184 (Gordon, A.R. Bucco/Andrzejczak, Wagner, Conaway, Barnes) – Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2014

S-2817/A-4183 (Whelan, O’Toole/Eustace, Albano, Singleton, Diegnan) – Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2014

A-2675/S-1781 (Caride, Russo, Rumana, Webber/Sarlo, O’Toole) – Reappropriates $3 million from “Dam, Lake, Stream, Flood Control, Water Resources, and Wastewater Treatment Project Bond Act of 2003″ to fund State flood control projects

A-3890/SS for S-2598 (Eustace, Schepisi, Rudder, Caride, Webber, Wimberly/B. Smith, Whelan) – Provides limited exemption from development regulations to allow certain structures to be raised as high as the highest applicable flood elevation standard


S-1303/ACS for A-798, 2124 (T. Kean, Codey/Munoz, Burzichelli, Spencer, Fuentes, McKeon) – Revises penalties for animal cruelty, increasing degree of certain offenses; designated as Patrick’s Law

S-1918/A-3263 (Cardinale, Gordon, Coughlin/Green, Quijano) – Permits local units to enter into joint agreements to purchase fire equipment


S-2884/A-4202 (Sweeney, O’Toole/Riley, Giblin, Wimberly) – Appropriates $715,706,303 from the “Building Our Future Bond Act” to the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education for public and private institutions of higher education

ACS for A-3606, 3607/SCS for S-2440, 2441 (Albano, Dancer, Diegnan, Jasey, Andrzejczak, Drew, Ruiz) Requires DOE provide professional development opportunities related to reading disabilities; mandates certain school district personnel annually compete two hours of professional development related to reading disabilities


S-530/A-2277 (Norcross/Wilson, O’Scanlon) – Increases fine for failure to keep right or failure to observe traffic lanes; establishes fund to pay for certain signage

A-1887/S-1094 (Albano, Amodeo, Burzichelli, C.A. Brown /Van Drew, Pennacchio)  – Prohibits imposition of corporation business tax on certain foreign corporations carrying passengers into and out of State in motor vehicle or motorbus


SCS for S-2286, 463/A-3518 (Norcross, Turner, Whelan/Gusciora, Wagner, Ciattarelli) – Creates craft distillery

A-1528/S-981 (Burzichelli, Quijano , DeAngelo, Caputo, Barnes/ Greenstein) – Modifies certain compensation and notice requirements for CATV companies

A-3761/S-2608 (Green, Clifton/Van Drew, Oroho) –  Clarifies authorization for cluster developments under MLUL

Christie takes action on pending bills