Clever Cup Changes Color to Notify Drinkers of Roofies

Definitely beats staying home.

Finally! (Photo:
Finally! (Photo:

We’ve all been well-conditioned to never leave our cups unattended or let a stranger pour us a drink lest we end up passed out in the back of some creep’s car.

Luckily, an inventor (and one-time roofie victim) has created the DrinkSavvy Disposable Party Cup, which notifies revelers if their drinks contain tranquilizers, drugs or roofies, Gothamist reports.

The clear vessel looks just like a regular drinking cup, except when roofies are placed inside it and–BAM!–it develops red or orange strips, visible even in low-lit bars, the website says. Observe:


It also comes in glass form in case you want to buy some for your apartment (a cheaper option would be to find some less sleazy friends). DrinkSavvy is even making color-changing straws, meaning as long as you can fit one in your purse or pocket you never need to wonder whether you’re being drugged again.

The products will likely be available to the public early or mid-2014, the DrinkSavvy website says, at which point we’re sure it’ll pop up at college house parties everywhere (yeah, right, but at least you can bring your own). Clever Cup Changes Color to Notify Drinkers of Roofies