Ed Ruscha Joins SFMOMA Board

'Sin with Olives,' 1969. (©Ed Ruscha/SFMOMA)
‘Sin with Olives,’ 1969. (©Ed Ruscha/SFMOMA)

A year ago, Ed Ruscha stepped down from the board of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, following the departure of the museum’s longtime chief curator, Paul Schimmel. Today it’s been announced that he will join the board of the San Francisco Museum of Art, which has one three-year seat set aside for an artist.

“Assuming a role on SFMOMA’s board at this vital time in the institution’s history promises to be an exceptionally rewarding experience,” Mr. Ruscha said in a statement.

Previous artist board members at SFMOMA include Larry Sultan and Robert Bechtle.

The museum owns quite a few works by the Southern Californian, including the handsome early painting reproduced above. Ed Ruscha Joins SFMOMA Board