Eliot Spitzer’s Ad Barrage Wages Onward

A still from Mr. Spitzer's ad.

A still from Mr. Spitzer’s ad.

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer is continuing to leverage his personal fortune in his bid to become New York City’s next comptroller.

After already releasing a handful of advertisements on local and national networks, including one in Spanish, Mr. Spitzer’s campaign revealed two new commercials today, both entitled: “You.”

Both ads very much tout the fact that the political establishment viscerally opposes Mr. Spitzer’s candidacy. Each features the same script citing Mr. Spitzer’s adversarial relationship with Wall Street and the powers-that-be, as photos of would-be voters flash by.

Mr. Spitzer is facing Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer in the September 10 Democratic primary.

View the advertisements below:

Without the voiceover:

Voiceover included:

Eliot Spitzer’s Ad Barrage Wages Onward