Greenwald, advocates call on Christie to sign rest of gun bill package

TRENTON – While some gun rights advocates expressed hope earlier this afternoon that the unsigned pieces of legislation remain that way, others asked the governor not to stop inking bills now.

Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald said more is needed than the 10 bills signed by Gov. Chris Christie Thursday.

“Seeing these bills signed into law is a victory for New Jersey’s communities and a significant step in the right direction in preventing gun violence. Yet they do not go far enough in doing all we can to prevent gun-related tragedies from afflicting our families,” he said.

The N.J. Association of Rifle and Pistol Clubs expressed hope that the unsigned bills will be vetoed, but Greenwald said they are common-sense measures.

“Taking a common-sense, comprehensive approach to preventing gun violence requires more. I urge the Governor to sign our remaining bills into law without delay – common-sense bills that would strengthen background checks, improve school security and ban the .50 caliber rifle.”

“I also call on the Governor to show his strong support for preventing gun violence by standing with me and the majority of New Jerseyans who support a ban on high-capacity magazines.

“The horrors of gun violence know no party, race, creed, or geography. I hope the Governor will take further action–joining with us in bipartisan fashion to embrace common-sense gun violence prevention.”

The organization New Jerseyans for Safety from Gun Violence echoed the call for Christie to sign the other bills.

“Governor Christie’s signature on ten gun violence prevention bills this afternoon is certainly a step in the right direction, but, make no mistake, it is only a step. In order to truly protect the lives, homes, schools and neighborhoods of the Garden State he must complete the task before him and sign the remaining gun violence prevention bills on his desk,” the organization stated in a release.

“The Governor has been increasingly outspoken lately about homeland security, a subject especially near and dear to New Jerseyan’s hearts. In this interest he, thankfully, signed today legislation prohibiting gun sales to individuals on the federal Terrorist Watch List, but it is not enough.

“He has yet to act on a bill, A3659, on which he is on record calling for enactment, to prohibit sales of incredibly destructive .50 caliber sniper rifles. These military weapons are designed to destroy at great distance the sort of material targets that abound in our state, such as chemical plants, refineries, rail tank cars and passenger aircraft. Taking the Governor’s words to U.S. Senator Rand Paul at face value, it is confusing that A3659 remains unsigned.”

Greenwald, advocates call on Christie to sign rest of gun bill package