If You Want to Make YouTube Videos About Growing Weed, Don’t Include Your Address

Then he got high.

Face on a shiny surface. (Photo: WMUR)
Face on a shiny surface. (Photo: WMUR)

As it turns out, recording videos of yourself discussing how to grow weed isn’t the smartest idea in the world. Yesterday Kyle Berry learned that the hard way when he plead guilty for manufacturing the illegal drug after he inadvertently revealed his identity in a YouTube video series, making it really easy for police to capture him.

In the basement of his home, Mr. Berry assembled an elaborate weed-growing operation where he would record instructional videos. Topics included how to grow it, the best chemicals to use and where to purchase marijuana seeds. Authorities claim they were tipped off and started watching the dispatches in an attempt to identify the culprit.

Mr. Berry’s ill-fated attempt at hiding his identity proved to be disastrous when his face reflected off a shiny surface in one video and another video had his full name displayed on a package.

He defended himself in court yesterday by utilizing the “greater good” excuse, claiming he wasn’t growing the weed for money but to help him feel better.

“I did it because since 13, I’ve had 17 surgeries,” Mr Berry said according to WMUR-TV. “I didn’t realize how bad the medications I was on were clouding my judgment and killing me.”

The judge ruled he wasn’t a kingpin but didn’t fully believe that he was growing loads of weed for his own use. “Someone can’t be all that smart to go on YouTube and post the types of video footage that you did,” the judge said.

He was sentenced to a year in jail, a $500 fine and having to live with the knowledge that he could’ve avoided it all if he’d just worn a mask. If You Want to Make YouTube Videos About Growing Weed, Don’t Include Your Address