Listen, Ashton Kutcher Is a Tech Guy and Always Has Been, I Don’t Know Who Told You Otherwise

The early 2000s were just a bad dream.

So method.
So method.

Remember Ashton Kutcher, the huggable moptop from such comedy hits as Dude, Where’s My Car?, and That ’70s Show? Well, forget him. Forget he ever existed. Because the real Ashton Kutcher eats, sleeps and breathes tech and he always has, dummy.

You might have heard about the rollicking farce Mr. Kutcher is currently promoting, a film called Jobs. His part as the eponymous Steve Jobs “marks the all-in moment” solidifying his involvement in the tech world, CNet tells us. His foray into the industry began, of course, with his stint as “a popular Twitter user,” because that’s how all the greats get their start in tech.

To be fair, he did want to be a biochemical engineer — before he peaced out on college to become a model/actor. He also invests in many tech companies through his firm Katalyst Network, “using his connections and fame to help the entrepreneurs he backs,” CNet reports. Fair enough.

Here are a few more of Mr. Kutcher’s tech bona fides listed in the interview:

  • He was an early investor in Flipboard.
  • He can name and describe no fewer than seven (7) startups.
  • He is annoyed that his dang cell phone still needs to be charged all the time.
  • He has Google Glass but admits that at this point it’s not “extremely useful,” per se.

Mr. Kutcher ended the interview by saying Elon Musk will be the next Steve Jobs. Clearly he didn’t get the memo: that post is already being filled by his fellow tech guy Kanye West.

So, there’s your proof. Next time you’re tempted to define Mr. Kutcher by any of his other movie roles,the prank show he hosted for years, or his trucker hats and sweatpants, think again, because this man is 100 percent tech.

Listen, Ashton Kutcher Is a Tech Guy and Always Has Been, I Don’t Know Who Told You Otherwise