Love Is Dead: Non-Neckbeard Stanford Student Proposes to Girlfriend Over Reddit, Via Memes

He could have at least used The Sims.

A million, trillion groans. (Photo: Imgur)
A million, trillion groans. (Photo: Imgur)

Patti Stanger, Chris Harrison and everybody else fighting valiantly to uphold the sanctity of the marriage proposal can just go quit their jobs now, because a dude just proposed to his girlfriend on Reddit. Via memes.

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The horrific proposal was posted this morning by a user who goes by the name SirTechnocracy, so I suppose we shouldn’t be terribly surprised. Take a look at it here:

And if, as per SirTechnocracy’s instructions, you click on the final link, you will unhappily find yourself re-directed to a collection of tacky illustrations that supposedly depict various milestones in the couple’s relationship.

LadyTechnocracy was apparently quite flattered by her boyfriend’s, er, unique proposition. She responded to his request—how else—via her own meme, proving that there is, indeed, someone out there for everyone.

Quite justifiably, many Redditors were sickened to think that a guy would try to turn Confession Bear, Good Guy Greg, and Success Kid into anything remotely resembling serious romance. (“I started cringing from the second meme and on… my butthole’s butthole just clenched hard,” wrote Redditor LemonSoakedChips.) But LadyTechnocracy was happy with her proposal, declaring on Reddit, “Understandably, a lot of people are giving SirTechnocracy grief about this. I understand that the concept of a Reddit proposal is… unconventional (hell, I’d never think of it), but this is honestly the most romantic thing someone has ever done for me.”

Oh, honey.

Lest you thought otherwise, apparently SirTechnocracy is actually quite the catch. “[He’s] by no means a basement-dwelling neckbeard,” she said. “He’s getting an MBA at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He’s got a killer professional background. And he’s frickin’ hot (though I am admittedly predisposed to his Harry Potter lookalike type… a sad disposition perhaps).”

SirTechnocracy is also standing by his decision. “In all honesty I don’t mind the trolling,” he wrote. “It’s the way the internet works. I understand that most people would hate to be proposed to over Reddit, but my girlfriend isn’t your typical girl.”

Can’t wait for their Narwhal-themed wedding.

Love Is Dead: Non-Neckbeard Stanford Student Proposes to Girlfriend Over Reddit, Via Memes