Morning Links: Allan Sekula Edition

'Volunteer on the edge (Islas Cíes, 12-20-02),' 2002-03, by Sekula. (Courtesy Christopher Grimes Gallery)

‘Volunteer on the edge (Islas Cíes, 12-20-02),’
2002-03, by Sekula. (Courtesy Christopher Grimes Gallery)

Allan Sekula, 1951–2013. [Artforum]

“He laid bare the ugliness of exploitation, but showed us the beauty of the ordinary; of ordinary, working people in ordinary, unremarkable places doing ordinary, everyday things. And, like the rigorous old-style leftist that he was, he infused that beauty with a deep sense of morality.” Artist and CalArts dean Thomas Lawson on Sekula. [East of Borneo]

More on Sekula. [EoB]

Josh Garrick will be the first American to show his work at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. [WSJ]

A detective believes he is close to confirming the body of the model thought to be Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. [The Guardian]

Christopher Knight weighs in on the D.I.A. [LAT]

“Ten of the most expensive artworks on Amazon art.” [HuffPost]

The Times takes a look at Museum, the 60-foot space gallery in a freight elevator in Chinatown. [NYT]

On the preservation of the Sherman Monument on Central Park South. [NYT]

Art historian Diana Widmaier-Picasso chats with Kelly Crow about her five favorite works by Picasso, her grandfather. [WSJ]

Melena Ryzik on the New Museum’s XFR STN project. [NYT]

Morning Links: Allan Sekula Edition