Morning Links: K-Pop Edition

(Courtesy Google+ K-Pop Stars)

“A federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled that the rock band Green Day had not infringed the rights of the illustrator and street artist Dereck Seltzer when it incorporated his artwork “Scream Icon” without permission in a video backdrop at its concerts during its 2009 21st Century Breakdown tour.” [NYT]

“Leonardo da Vinci Notebook Coming to Smithsonian” [NYT]

On consumer choice theory and Thomas Kinkade. [The Economist]

Owners of Picasso’s former Paris studio are trying to evict an arts organization whose rent-free deal has expired. [The Guardian]

 L.A.’s Koreatown is getting a K-Pop museum. [LAT]
According to Bloomberg, the classical music world has taken a cue from Julian Schnabel: “These are grown men wearing lounge wear in front of audiences in suits and ties.” [Bloomberg]
Morning Links: K-Pop Edition