Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)
(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

While reporting a profile of Laura Poitras–the documentary filmmaker who is the subject of this week’s New York Times Magazine cover article–Peter Maas conducted “an encrypted question-and-answer session” with Edward Snowden. (New York Times Magazine)

Jeff Bezos, who just bought The Washington Post, “declined to be interviewed” for an article about him. In the Post. (Washington Post)

Speaking of Mr. Bezos, Jack Shafer predicts that the Amazon founder will name Vijay Ravindran, senior vice president and chief digital officer at the Washington Post Co., as publisher of the newly acquired paper. Mr. Ravindran “seems like such a logical fit for the job,” writes Mr. Shafer, in a typically hardboiled line, “I feel guilty about killing that goat and boiling a chicken to confirm my hunch.” (Reuters)

“[D]ead people on magazine covers,” writes Erik Maza, “is what America wants.” (Women’s Wear Daily)

Both Politico and ProPublica are staffing up. (Huffington Post/Huffington Post)

Two veteran magazine writers, Joshua Bearman and Joshua Davis, are starting an “online literary platform” to help writers sell movie rights to their articles. (New York Times) Morning Media Mix