Morning Read: ‘A Goat Farm in Vermont’

The New York Post endorses Scott Stringer. (Photo: Newseum)
The New York Post endorses Scott Stringer. (Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “Tawkin’ The Tawk: The Noo Yawk City Accent and the Race for City Hawl.”

New York City’s newspapers do not appear to care for ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer. The Daily News and New York Post both featured Mr. Spitzer on prostitution-themed covers as they endorsed rival comptroller candidate Scott Stringer over the weekend. The Post slammed Mr. Spitzer as a “completely unhinged” pol whose effective campaign message is: “I have tiger blood running in my veins.”

In a more Stringer-focused editorial, The New York Times said the Manhattan borough president “would make a fine” comptroller. While on the mayoral endorsement front for The Times, The New Republic gamed out whether Public Advocate Bill de Blasio or Council Speaker Christine Quinn will eventually earn the paper’s backing. (The Times penned a piece today praising Ms. Quinn’s environmental policies.)

The New Yorker extensively profiled Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s legacy while noting his discontent with his possible successors: “In early June, the Mayor, according to two Bloomberg advisers, was sympathetic to an effort by some of his supporters to draw Ray Kelly into the race. Bloomberg secretly financed a poll … to help convince Kelly that he could win, but Kelly declined.”

Other outlets also spoke to Ms. Quinn’s wife, Kim Catullo, yesterday, including The New York TimesDaily News, Wall Street JournalNew York Post and NY1. In many of the interviews, Ms. Catullo discussed unspecified threats against Ms. Quinn, although her campaign declined to elaborate. She discussed other things as well. “I want to go and work on a goat farm in Vermont,” Ms. Catullo told The Times. “She says, ‘Someday … but not now.’ ”

Each day this week, ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner‘s mayoral campaign “will highlight concrete ways that he has already improved New York City with policies, initiatives and funding that have tackled the challenges facing our city,” according to a press release. Mr. Weiner, of course, has been repeatedly criticized over a lackluster legislative in Congress.

Mr. de Blasio has a new ad out again featuring his multiracial family. At the end, he’s labeled “The Progressive Choice for Mayor.” Watch below:
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