Morning Read: ‘And I’m Still up in the Air About the Bronx’

A scene from Bill de Blasio's first campaign ad.

A scene from Bill de Blasio’s first campaign ad.

Headline of the Day: “The Mild-Mannered Democrat Who Just Might Win The NYC Mayor’s Race.”

Photo Caption of the Day: “A young Bill de Blasio ponders life.”

What’s the secret behind Dante de Blasio‘s famous afro? New York finds out. “Honestly, for years my hair was really just for me. I didn’t think people would love it so much,” he told the publication yesterday, explaining that the The Boondocks‘s Huey Freeman inspired the hair style.

This caller on NY1’s The Call was pretty incredible during her stop-and-frisk rant against Dante’s dad, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. Here is a sampling: “I said to him, ‘You’re not going to end stop-and-frisk in Manhattan, right? Just in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens (and I’m still up in the air about The Bronx). And he said ‘Why should I not have it in Manhattan?’ And I said, ‘Ugh, you can’t expect us to live by the same rules .'”

Those vying to replace Mr. de Blasio faced off in an occasionally fiery NY1 debate. For instance, Councilwoman Tish James refused to answer rival Reshma Saujani‘s question about conflicts of interest with: “I don’t think I’ll take any ethics lesson from a Wall Street lawyer.” She then answered State Senator Dan Squadron‘s outside spending question by declaring she’s “not going to take ethics class from an individual who comes from Albany.”

Joining Capital New York, which a week ago profiled Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer‘s stint as a bar guy, The New York Times delved into the same topic today. The venture didn’t go over that well, which his opponent’s campaign in the comptroller’s race labeled “ouch,” but Mr. Stringer simply recalled, “I remember my mother saying, even back then: ‘You know what? You’re a better legislator than you were a restaurant owner.”

And The Daily Show‘s outgoing interim host John Oliver took one final pass at former Congressman Anthony Weiner:

Morning Read: ‘And I’m Still up in the Air About the Bronx’