Morning Read: ‘No One Has Rabbit Ears’

The New York Post took a whack at Speaker Sheldon Silver Sunday.

The New York Posttook a whack at Speaker Sheldon Silver Sunday.

Headlines of the Day: “Sext A-Peel.”

Caption of the Day: “Sex A-Peel.”

The Washington Post profiled Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer: “At home, his neighbors often heard the squawking of his pet parrot, Otis, whom he had taught to say ‘vote for Scott.’ (Stringer declined to describe the rest of the parrot’s vocabulary. ‘Our private discussions stay with us,’ he said.)”

The New York Post‘s Fred Dicker is reporting that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is seriously considering supporting Mr. Stringer in order to stop rival Eliot Spitzer’s candidacy. “If Spitzer is city comptroller, he’ll … be advocating an across-the-board left-wing agenda, which makes Cuomo nervous; and he’ll never acknowledge Cuomo as the leader of the Democratic Party, which could be worst of all if the governor runs for president,’’ one source argued.

Could Public Advocate Bill de Blasio wrest The New York Times endorsement away from its expected recipient, Council Speaker Christine Quinn? It’s difficult to say, but the publication gave a rather glowing-op-ed to Mr. de Blasio’s fight to keep Brooklyn hospitals open and has had favorable coverage in recent days.

While a full-page ad is touting Rev. Erick Salgado‘s socially conservative credentials. “It is halachically (according to Jewish law) incumbent upon every Jew to assist Mr. Salgado’s campaign in its needs, in order for Erick Salgado to win the mayoral race,” it declares. “Every Jew, registered as a Democrat at the time of the Primary, is obligated to vote for Mr. Salgado.”

Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner‘s sexting pal Sydney Leathers is extending her 15 minutes of fame all the way to New York City, where she “will appear in the flesh Tuesday at the HeadQuarters gentleman’s club in Hell’s Kitchen, where venue rep Lainie Speiser says anything is possible,” according to the Daily News.

Republican Joe Lhota took aim at the entire Democratic field as an embarrassing circus, releasing his an ad that features Mr. de Blasio being arrested and Ms. Quinn in rabbit ears, as well as Mr. Weiner, Comptroller John Liu and former Comptroller Bill Thompson just sort of standing there.

Speaking of rabbit years, Councilman Lew Fidler thoroughly disapproves of Time Warner Cable’s CBS blackout. “Shame on all of you,” he declared at a recent hearing. “There is something wrong with all of you … Every time I want to watch The Big Bang Theory I have to put 50 cents into the pot? … No one has rabbit ears anymore!”

Morning Read: ‘No One Has Rabbit Ears’