Mullen: Lonegan an ‘ideologue’ and ‘no friend of labor’

The NJ State Building & Construction Trades Council today announced their endorsement of Newark Mayor Cory Booker to fill the unexpired term of the late U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg.

“Mayor Booker’s resounding victory over a strong lineup of worthy candidates in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary is a clear indication of his widespread popularity and the appeal of his message,” said William T. Mullen, President of the 150,000-member statewide council. “He has consistently demonstrated a thoughtful and moderate approach on issues that affect our members, and his ability and willingness to cross party lines in pursuit of stimulating economic growth and jobs creation is desperately needed today in Washington’s hyper-partisan political atmosphere.”

Mullen said Booker’s politics “of getting things done” has resulted in an urban renaissance in Newark with a measurable improvement in economic development, affordable housing, and a much-sought reduction in violent crime.

“He has always employed an ‘open door’ policy with our building trades, and he has worked with us to institute a ‘business friendly’ environment in Newark that encourages economic growth and private-sector recovery,” Mullen said. “In contrast, Mayor Booker’s opponent in the October 16th special election, Steve Lonegan, is no friend of labor. He’s an ideologue whose knee-jerk advocacy of even the most radical conservative principles would only foster further gridlock and make it extremely difficult for him to cross party lines, when necessary, in support of worthwhile programs and legislation.”

Mullen said the state council and its affiliated unions are committed to working in a unified manner over the next two months to ensure that its members are registered, informed and motivated to deliver a victory for Booker.

Mullen: Lonegan an ‘ideologue’ and ‘no friend of labor’