Roselee Goldberg Liked the Jay-Z Thing

From the video.
From the video.

Maybe you watched that Jay-Z music video shot at Pace Gallery and saw Roselee Goldberg in it and wondered what she made of the whole thing. Through a post on the Performa website we are now able to confirm: she liked it!

From the post:

Far from trivializing or simplifying Marina’s performance, as some have said, Jay Z paid homage to her, first by securing her permission to create his own version of The Artist is Present and then by inviting the artist to be present with him. So, fans watching “Picasso Baby; A Performance Art Film,” get not only a hip hop introduction to Marina Abramovic, but also links to Jean-Michel Basquiat, George Condo, Francis Bacon, as well as Picasso, and a momentary glimpse into who they are and why they matter.

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