Netflix Has a Problem With Low-Quality Klingon Translations

So annoying.

"You're devoting time to WHAT?"
“You’re devoting time to WHAT?”

Over the years, nerds worldwide have devoted a great deal of time and brainpower to fleshing out the invented languages of fantasy worlds. But apparently they’re not the only ones who care!

According to a completely bonkers report from the British Radio Times, Netflix has decided that it’s not good enough to stream a version of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock with English dubbing and/or super-simple subtitles over Klingon and Vulcan conversations.  No, fully capturing the complexities of these wholly fictional languages requires better translations, and Netflix is going to do it themselves: 

“The on-demand service thinks it can do the translation work in about a week – and credit to them for trying. It seems most DVDs have simply injected a lot of English dubbing to overcome the problem, hiding behind the suggestion that people don’t like subtitles.”

Loony as this sounds, the company confirmed it on Twitter:

Sadly, all the subtitles in the world can’t fix the fact that the odd-numbered Star Trek movies are generally terrible. Just skip to The Voyage Home.

(h/t Venturebeat)

Netflix Has a Problem With Low-Quality Klingon Translations