Rumor Roundup: Kim Kardashian and Kevin Systrom Chill in the Dark and Sheryl Sandberg’s $11M Bunker

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

Cooling with Kim This past weekend saw an unprecedented (but totally welcome) spike in news stories pertaining to both Instagram and the Kardashian Krew, much to our delight. Saturday night, Kim Instagrammed a candid-looking-but-probably-posed selfie of herself and Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom, captioned “Chilling with the creator of Instagram @kevin.” Are the two BFFs now?

More importantly: Second to grandma’s talkshow Kris, the photo-sharing service was one of the first places an official photo of baby Nori was distributed. Take that, Anna Wintour.

Anyway, the pair look like they’re in a closet playing a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Gross out The Internet has a copyright infringement problem, and this time Vimeo founder and former fameball Jake Lodwick is caught in the crosshairs. This week Mr. Lodwick tweeted that a Christian blog used an old photo of him in which he’s pretending to gag himself to illustrate a post about why being gay is wrong.

“Thrilled that some old photo of me was used for this Christian homophobia article!!” Mr. Lodwick tweeted, along with a link to the story called “Arguing Against Homosexuality Based on Its ‘Yuck Factor’ Is Gross.” (What’s not gross, apparently, is to argue against homosexuality based on outdated and potentially misinterpreted doctrine but, ya know, to each his or her own.)

Last we checked, the image was still up. Thus is the danger in marking photos for Creative Commons usage.

Go team? Facebook’s finally gone too far with the corporate togetherness. Witness what HuffPo’s tech editor found in the campus store, as though Facebook were the University of Georgia at the height of Rush Week:

Lean in, but underground Facebook COO and activist shareholder (see what we did there?) Sheryl Sandberg recently moved into a new home. Estimated to be worth $11 million, which seems pretty affordable considering, it comes complete with solar panels, wine room, a home theater, “a giant waterfall and a large room ‘great room’ where Ms Sandberg – estimated to be worth around a $1bn – is expected to host her legendary dinner parties for Silicon Valley’s elite,” according to the Daily Mail. Much of the structure is apparently underground, which doesn’t sound like a bunker to hedge against a coming nuclear apocalypse, not at all.

However, from the exterior, it looks like a Riverside, California public library. Or, worse, maybe an office building. One Menlo Park building official told the Mail: “I hadn’t seen the living roofs or water features on a residential property. A lot of the features you would normally see in a commercial property.” Sorry, Sheryl–can’t win ’em all.

Prince tweets 2 us. Pigs flew this week when the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince did the unthinkable and tweeted, straight from the account of his band, @3rdeyegirl. The account’s been active since Jan. 16, but Mr. Purple sent out his first tweet on Aug. 13:

The account has 153,987 followers at the moment, and follows exactly zero accounts. Many believe this non-selfie is the highlight thus far:

But we are more partial to this little interaction between Prince and his most popular online impersonator, @PrinceTweets4U:

Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 16.30.06

Can we come? Rumor Roundup: Kim Kardashian and Kevin Systrom Chill in the Dark and Sheryl Sandberg’s $11M Bunker