Rumor Roundup: Marissa Mayer Gets the Vogue Treatment and One Startup CEO Swears He’ll Cry at JOBS

Ms. Mayer at the Met Ball in 2010. (Photo: Tumblr)

Ms. Mayer at the Met Ball in 2010. (Photo: Tumblr)

The CEO exit Marissa Mayer, the flaxen-haired Yahoo CEO with the machine gun giggle, got the feature treatment in the September issue of Vogue. In a six page spread published online today, readers are greeted with a photo of the ex-Googler awkwardly stretched out on a chaise lounge donning a navy blue shift, her own visage glowing from an iPad she’s holding.

In the story, we learn a number of intimate facts about Ms. Mayer: for one, she’s really, really fashionable (in case you couldn’t tell from the photo, we suppose). She loves Michael Kors dresses and Oscar de la Renta cardigans. Her “modest” craftsman home is expertly decorated, and there is a full-scale, two-story replica of the Peninsula Creamery, a local diner Stanford kids love to frequent, that was airlifted into her backyard. At a recent party for VCs and techies, the “shy” Ms. Mayer orchestrated what she calls a “CEO exit” but most people know as an “Irish goodbye:” leaving the party early without saying good night.

Hm, it appears we have more in common with Ms. Mayer than we originally thought.

Partygram. According to Page Six, Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom threw a bash at his Hamptons summer home last weekend. The sorta star studded list included Girls star Jemima Kirke, a mostly forgotten about Hilton sister (Nicky), model Karlie Kloss and contributing Vogue editor Lauren Santo Domingo. A DJ spinning “old-school and dance tunes” entertained the mish-mosh of guests, but not as much as deciding which filters they should all use to document this exciting evening.

Digital dating In the beautiful Sky Room at the New Museum, a cluster of tech, media and art folks gathered to celebrate the private New York launch of Hinge, an app that lets single people connect with the friends of their friends. Each attendee was given a puzzle piece upon entry, and in order to indulge in one of the free snowcones from Handsome Dan’s candy stand, they had to find a person at the party with a matching piece.

Stephen Rojas spun while Small Girls Mallory Blair and Bianca Caampued worked the room and partygoers from Etsy, SpokenLayer and The Verge mingled. Attendees gathered out on the balcony to take in the breathtaking skyline while sipping on Avion tequila margaritas and lemonade. Ms. Blair claims the party for the dating app actually ended in more than one sleepover. Who needs a hook up app when you can pick up someone at a hookup app launch party?

Glassholes welcome Glassholes are faced with a trying decision every Friday and Saturday night: go out to the bar sans Glass (god forbid), or stay home, where no one’s going to make a scene about Glass-related privacy violations.

But wait! According to a recent Google Plus post from Robert Scoble, the small-town Virginia bar belonging to his brother, Benny Scoble, is happily welcoming Glass-wearers onto its premises. Among other reasons, including “It’s always good being first” and “It positions the bar as modern and ‘with the times,’” the former Mr. Scoble also wrote this silly collection of words:

“[Benny] realizes that Google Glass users will defacto be heavy Internet influencers. They probably have high Klout scores. Write more Yelp reviews than average (not to mention Facebook reviews, Foursquare tips, Google local reviews, etc). The first users will most likely share their experiences inside the bar at a far higher rate.”

Anyone up for a trip to Colonial Heights, VA?

SOBS Last night, Yext CEO Howard Lerman reported that he is going to cry during the JOBS movie. It looked like this:

Why are you going to cry, Mr. Lerman? Will you be moved by Steve Jobs’s triumph over a series of seemingly insurmountable obstacles? Will you be jealous that you didn’t invent Apple? Will you be in physical pain from too much drinking?

Whatever the case, we hope you’ll have some tissues handy.

Upper glass In case the mere sight of a person wearing Google Glass wasn’t pretentious enough for the masses, the face computer is now being endorsed by Vogue. In the magazine’s September issue (I know right do you die), readers are treated to a 12-page editorial full of models wearing outfits made even more expensive by matching Glass, Mashable reports.

This isn’t the first time Glass and fashion have butted overpriced heads: Diane von Furstenburg sent her models sailing down the runway wearing Glass and trying so, so hard to make the wearable tech look fierce. It didn’t, and it still doesn’t, but hey, neither do rompers or bleached eyebrows, and Vogue’s been known to push those, too.

Rumor Roundup: Marissa Mayer Gets the Vogue Treatment and One Startup CEO Swears He’ll Cry at JOBS