Senate might vote today on medical marijuana for minors CV

TRENTON – Senate lawmakers could take a vote as early as today on whether to accept Gov. Chris Christie’s conditional veto of the medical marijuana for minors legislation.

Senate President Steve Sweeney says “there’s a possibility” the bill will be posted later today during the Senate voting session. Officials are first working to determine whether the revised language in the bill matches the governor’s veto message, Sweeney said.

“We could possibly do it today if the conditional veto matches up the way the message did,” he said.

“We’re looking at it all,” Sweeney said. “We would like to move as quickly as possible.”

Last week, Christie returned the medical marijuana for minors bill to lawmakers and offered amendments, which included lifting the strain limitations that can be grown.

The legislation is designed to allow parents access to medical marijuana to treat children with life-threatening conditions that are not treatable by traditional means.

Christie has previously said that he feared a “slippery slope’’ of easier access to marijuana overall by people who don’t medically need it.

Sponsor Sen. Joseph Vitale expressed displeasure with the CV because it left in place a requirement for parents to obtain approval of either a pediatrician or a psychiatrist if one of the two is registered with the medical marijuana program, or the approval of both if neither is. 

This regulation is burdensome, he and other advocates said, because very few if any such professionals have signed up with the program. Senate might vote today on medical marijuana for minors CV