So, What’s ‘The New Cronut’?

It's a cronut! (photo: Dominque Ansel Bakery)

It’s a cronut! (photo: Dominque Ansel Bakery)

It’s been a long summer on the hybrid pastry front. The cronut, that croissant and doughnut fusion that sparked ungodly lines and an obscene amount of coverage, only came on the scene in May. Although the lines Dominique Ansel Bakery, which pioneered the cronut craze, are still allegedly long (we have been boycotting due to a combination of principle and laziness), the search for the new cronut already started.

“No, stuffed bagel holes are not the new cronut,” NYMag’s food blog Grub Street proclaimed today.

So what is? The race is on to find out.

As early as June, Zagat called Laduree’s Icecaron (an ice cream sandwich on the French macaron emporium’s signature speciality) “the latest cronut-type dessert mashup.” In mid-July, Zagat came right out and asked whether the frozen s’more was the new cronut (answer: kind of). Or maybe it’s the Crookie (a Canadian-invented combination of croissant and Oreo), as The Daily Mail alleged in early July.  Or just cuter sweets: “Are Japanese animal doughnuts the new cronut,” Eater wondered on August 9?

And then, of course, there is the Ramen Burger, which seems to be getting some serious savory traction (and early morning treks to Williamsburg) since it debuted at Smorgasburg earlier this month. Gothamist reported that an intrepid food trend enthusiast event tried to trade a cronut for a spot in the epic Ramen Burger line.

Looks like the “it” dessert cycle is moving faster than ever. We remember a simpler time, when the consumption of a frosted pastry on a hit HBO show sparked years of cupcake consumption (from which we are only now recovering).

Blame it on our short attention spans in the Internet age, because, why not?

So, What’s ‘The New Cronut’?