Stahl calls Lonegan campaign tweet ‘wrong,’ then goes on offense

Republican LD 18 Senate candidate Dave Stahl slapped back at Democrats trying to make a human totem pole out of him on the Lonegan mess.

And he zapped Assemblyman Pat Diegnan (D-18) for what he said was the Democrat’s silence on a nightmare quote he heard at a rally but didn’t publicly condemn.

“The tweet was wrong and completely inappropriate,” Stahl said, speaking for the LD 18 Republican team. “We are not afraid to disagree and call out members of either party when they do something offensive.”

Then Stahl pivoted.

“It is now our opponents’ turn to do the same,” said the rookie Republican. “After two years of silence,  Barnes and Diegnan should finally condemn the insensitive remarks by a union leader at a rally that Pat Diegnan participated in.”

He identified the much-disparaged remarks of Christopher Sheldon, vice president of the Communications Workers of America in the Northeast, who called Chris Christie a Nazi at a public pension protection event in Trenton.

“Welcome to Nazi Germany!” Sheldon said at the time. “We got Adolph Christie and his two generals trying to make New Jersey Nazi Germany.”

Stahl wasn’t amused.

“These comments weren’t just insulting to my faith, they trivialize the horrors that Jews were forced to endure,” the East Burnswick mayor said. “Barnes and Diegnan continue to receive financial and political support from the CWA and should practice what they preach, condemn these remarks and as a sign of good-faith, return any contributions they received from this organization that would allow a member of their leadership to make such denigrating remarks.”

Stahl calls Lonegan campaign tweet ‘wrong,’ then goes on offense