State PBA calls for Mack ouster

The New Jersey State Policeman’s Benevolent Association today called for embattled Trenton Mayor Tony Mack to resign from his post in the state’s capital city.

The state PBA took the action as a result of a spike in violent crime in the city they say resulted from the layoffs of over 100 police officers.

“The recent wave of violence in Trenton shows that the Mayor has lost control of the situation and his indictment has made it impossible for him to effectively work with state leaders,” PBA President Anthony Weiners said in a release. “I have personally witnessed a child playing in the streets of Trenton wearing a bulletproof vest and anyone who has and anyone who has viewed  the video of shootings in the middle of the streets knows that Trenton needs help today.”

Weiners also criticized Mack for failing to step down after his indictment on corruption charges, saying it sends the wrong message.  When an officer is indicted, he or she is immediately suspended, but “the Mayor gets to retain his post while under indictment.”

Mack was arrested in September of last year on charges that he extorted bribes as part of a parking garage deal.  In December he was indicted on six counts including bribery, extortion and mail fraud.

But Mack has so far refused to step down from his post, despite calls from city and state officials. State PBA calls for Mack ouster