Trayvon Martin and Paula Deen Cases Combined for One Ill-Advised Law & Order Episode

Law & Order: Season 15

Law & Order: Season 15

You know that we have an affinity for Law & Order: SVU. No matter what people say about it being a sensationalist, ripped-from-the-headlines glorification of rape, sexual molestation and murder, the only surviving show in the L&O franchise must be given some kind of respect, if only for the fact that it is the only surviving show in the L&O franchise. And, as showrunner Warren Leight told The Observer last year, he was working to make the show “less fetishistic” and bring it “back to the basics” ever since his takeover from predecessor Neal Baer.

And yet, somehow, its already been leaked that the 15th season of the show is going to combine the George Zimmerman case with the Paula Deen lawsuit. To be fair, neither of these trials had anything to do with sexual misconduct, so it all depends on how you define “fetishistic.”


“[Jeffrey] Tambor is a defense attorney representing a very high-profile celebrity woman chef who thought she was being pursued by a rapist and turned around it was a teenager. And she shot him,” said Leight in an interview with EW. “There’s a lot of stop and frisk elements to that as well.”
Cybill Shephard is playing the part of the celebrity chef, and Smash’s Leslie Odom, Jr. is portraying a minister of the slain child in what will be the third episode of the season.
They won’t be shying away from the big questions either, according to Leight. “Is racial profiling justifiable? Can self-defense involve racial profiling? We’re diving right into that,” he said. “Can that happen in New York? Absolutely.”

Yeah, the problem with SVU isn’t that people accuse it of “shying away” from issues, though, is it? It’s more that the shows seems to think that all “the big questions” are just one question: Like adding stop-and-frisk into the mix of the already controversial and heated debates about Paula Deen and Trayvon Martin just because all three feature a racial component.

Why not just throw in Anthony Weiner and Edward Snowden storylines and have it be the 2013 Summer Jam episode?

Trayvon Martin and Paula Deen Cases Combined for One Ill-Advised <em>Law & Order</em> Episode