Suspect Busted When He ‘Likes,’ Shares the Cops’ Facebook Photo of Him

Zuck strikes again!

(Photo: Facebook)
Cooling. (Photo: Facebook)

Last month, attendees at the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California got a little out of control, by which we mean they threw a full-scale riot complete with knocked-over porta-potties. (Harsh the vibe much, man?) In the hopes of catching the perpetrators, cops posted a slew of photos on Facebook and asked for the public’s help.

Well, LAist reports that one young man really stepped up and did his civic duty. When his dumb-ass friend tagged him in one of the photos, he “responded by liking the post and sharing it on Facebook,” according to LAist.

Didn’t take Lenny Brisco to crack the case from there.

Luis Enrique Rodriguez, who is being charged with vandalism for writing “fuck the pigs” on a cop car, also made a photo of himself sitting on a police car his profile picture. Just in case the prosecution didn’t already have enough evidence, you know?

Let’s go over this one more time: Do not post about your criminal activities on Instagram. Do not chatter about your gang affiliations on Twitter. And definitely do not, under any circumstances, “like” and then share your own wanted poster. Unless you are a damn dummy.

(via Geekosystem) Suspect Busted When He ‘Likes,’ Shares the Cops’ Facebook Photo of Him