Will Smith Attended Defcon for 20 Minutes

A hacker conference? Sure, I'll stop by.

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

Tech, it seems, has become so integrated into mainstream culture that it is now simply commonplace for celebrities to just show up at hacker events. Take action star Will Smith, for example, who showed up willynilly (heh) at Defcon in Las Vegas for 20 minutes before slyly exiting to avoid getting mobbed.

According to PCWorld, Mr. Smith came at the invitation of “renowned sleight-of-hand artist, security consultant and entertainer” Apollo Robbins, who is training him for a role in an upcoming film. After watching a bit of Mr. Robbins’ presentation, Mr. Smith was apparently “so impressed” with Defcon that organizers treated him to a tour of the event, where he told them that he’s very interested in the “human part of hacking.”

Of course, after 20 minutes passed Mr. Smith was whisked away through a back door, and all attendees who saw him were shot with a neuralyzer to erase their short term memory. Will Smith Attended Defcon for 20 Minutes