Winners and Losers: Week of August 5

WINNERS Alieta Eck Sure she’s down by more than 60 points, but she’ll have a weekend of free shots at


Alieta Eck

Sure she’s down by more than 60 points, but she’ll have a weekend of free shots at opponent Steve Lonegan, who Friday was hammered over a racially charged tweet sent by his campaign staff Thursday night.  Eck also received the endorsement of the Independence Hall Tea Party.

Scott Rumana

A court this week sided with Rumana in an ongoing ethics dispute with former Assembly candidate William Brennan. 

Bob Jordan

As 600 journalists nationwide hit the unemployment lines, the veteran Asbury Park Press reporter showed that good journalism is still possible with his story on the Jersey shore ads featuring Gov. Chris Christie. 

Cory Booker

There was heated debate at PolitickerNJ HQ over Booker’s place on this week’s list.  Some of the brain trust thought the budding Waywire issue should land him down below.  After all, it gave his opponents an opening and let’s face it, it’s never good when the New York Times is sniffing around your bank account. But a 37-point lead, endorsements from three of the four largest papers in the region, Gov. Martin O’Malley and Eva Longoria spell W-i-n-n-e-r.

Governor’s race Winner: Gov. Chris Christie in a squeaker

The latest poll put Gov. Chris Christie up 28 points over his opponent, state Sen. Barbara Buono.  Buono has to date failed to move the needle in the contest, a feat made harder by her fundraising issues.  Six weeks into the general election season, Buono submitted $445,000 for matching funds.  Yes it gives her over $1 million for the contest, but she’ll need to up her weekly take 600 percent to reach the maximum state match.  But the week was not lost for Buono.  An Asbury Park Press story on Christie’s appearance in post-Sandy restoration advertising gave Buono her first real issue to hit the Teflon governor.  It remains to be seen if it has legs enough to move her poll numbers.


Steve Lonegan

The Republican U.S. Senate candidate this week found himself with a commanding lead over challenger Alieta Eck, but a racially charged tweet sent from his campaign account during Thursday’s debate had the Lonegan camp on the defensive at week’s end. Ironically, earlier in the week, Lonegan criticized Cory Booker for tweeting about Star Trek instead of two homicides in the city.

Tony Mack

Mack took two dings this week as first the PBA called for his resignation over the rash of violent crimes in the capital city and later he had to contend with Cory Booker campaigning in his city providing unwanted contrast.

Winners and Losers: Week of August 5