Zap Your Enemies With This iPhone Case’s Built-in Stun Gun

Well, if you're cool with being close enough to them for it to work.


Ever wish your phone could double as a sometimes-deadly weapon? Well, you’re in luck, because there now exists an iPhone case with a built-in stun gun.

The Yellow Jacket, as it’s known, costs $140 and has an output of 650,000 volts at 0.8 milliamps, which is supposed to be painful but not harmful, the New York Times reports.

Times reporter zapped himself on the inside of his forearm and called the experience “startling,” and said it was no worse than that one time when some devious bastard got him to lick a 9-volt battery as a child.

To use the stun gun, simply remove the electrodes’ safety cover; get real close to your attacker, like you have to be touching them; turn on a switch that arms the stun gun; and press a blue button. So yeah, it might not be the best option if you’re being attacked by surprise, per se, but it seems marginally better than mase.

It comes in several colors, including pink–“Perfect case for ladies looking for a stylish self-defense product,” the website helpfully points out, because as we all know self-defense ain’t worth shit if it doesn’t match your Hello Kitty wallet.

The case also has a backup battery, which means most people will probably just use it to keep their phones on longer and mess with their friends. Sounds worth the $140 to us. Zap Your Enemies With This iPhone Case’s Built-in Stun Gun