A GOP Armistice in Morris County

Morris County GOP Chairman John Sette and Freeholder Director Tom Mastrangelo met this week to resolve recent misunderstandings and to refocus their campaign efforts.

The pair clashed when Sette went to party members with a letter urging them not to financially support Mastrangelo. Sette said the freeholder was too eager to raise money for himself but not helpful to others.

Today the two combatants issued a joint declaration of peace.

“Democrats have a statewide registration advantage of over 700,000 votes,” Sette said. “Morris is Governor Christie’s home county and we need to maximize turnout and deliver a resounding plurality. We’ll be in the national spotlight on November 5th so coordination with the legislative districts, county and the several municipal contests will contribute to election night success.”

Mastrangelo agreed.

“Successful campaigns need to stay on track, at all levels,” he said.  “This includes raising dollars from our friends and supporters to underwrite and distribute our positive message of effective governing. We have a record of which to be proud as Republicans.

“Between now and then,” Mastrangelo added, “cooperation and communication are the operative words. The chairman and I are in sync. Chairman Sette and I share the same goal — to grow and unify our Party at the municipal, state and county level.   So, let’s get to work.”  


A GOP Armistice in Morris County