Anthony Weiner Does the Weather

Weatherman Weiner.
Anthony Weiner this morning.

With his prospects next Tuesday looking less than sunny, former Congressman Anthony Weiner tested out a new career Wednesday morning with a stint hosting the weather on Fox 5’s morning show.

About halfway through an awkward early morning interview on Good Day New York, the mayoral candidate was asked what he plans to do if he loses.

“Reality check is coming in six days. What will you do if you don’t get into the primary?” host Rosanna Scotto asked. Mr. Weiner, whose poll numbers plummeted following revelations that he’d continued sexting long after he resigned from Congress, at first dismissed the notion. But then he offered an idea.

“I’ve always had this dream of doing weather and sports on your show, standing in front of that screen,” he said. “I was always impressed how they know exactly where the barometric pressure is coming from. How do you guys do it?”

With that, Ms. Scotto grabbed Mr. Weiner by the arm and marched him over to the set’s green screen. “Come on, Anthony Weiner. Let’s get started,” she said. “I just think that you need to keep your options open!”

“Oh, this is my lifelong dream!” Mr. Weiner joked as he was handed a clicker and morphed into weatherman Weiner.

“First, you see this trend here. This is gonna mean bad news for those of you who won’t want rain, right here, right about football time,” Mr. Weiner said, gesturing believably at the map. “I’ll be doing sports, next,” he quipped.

His excitement continued as he wrapped up his spot. “You really have nothing on the prompter while you’re doing this?! Wow!” he exclaimed.

The interview continued in front of the green screen, as co-host Greg Kelly took issue with Mr. Weiner’s claim that he’s different from the other candidates, who all come, he charged, from the same “muck” of city government. “You came form the City Council, and then you went to Congress, huh? It’s not exactly Athens!”

But Mr. Weiner dug in his heels. “I’m doing it completely differently … and that’s why I’m standing in front of the green screen right now,” he joked.

It’s not the first time Mr. Weiner, who returned to the spotlight with a colorful performance at the West Indian Day Parade, has offered his take on the weather. He once tried to give a British forecast after mocking a reporter’s accent.

Watch the whole segment here. Anthony Weiner Does the Weather