Bill de Blasio Touts ‘Clinton Family’ Status

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Mayoral front-runner Bill de Blasio is getting some love from his old bosses: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to reporters at a rally celebrating a court ruling that will keep Long Island College Hospital open indefinitely, Mr. de Blasio noted the fact that both Bill and Hillary had called him to offer congratulations after dominating Tuesday night’s Democratic primary.

“It was entirely gratifying and humbling that each of the Clintons called,” he told reporters, noting that he served under Mr. Clinton at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and had served as the manager of Ms. Clinton’s 2000 senate campaign.

“They both offered congratulations. They both offered extraordinary helpful advice. And we left it at that,” he said of the conversations. “Anything in the future has to be worked out in the future. There’s no specific ideas beyond that.”

Mr. de Blasio had been asked about whether he felt that campaigning with the Clintons might be complicated by the fact that Mr. Clinton has generally gotten along well with Mayor Michael Bloomberg–whose tenure in office Mr. de Blasio is running against.

But Mr. de Blasio assured that wouldn’t be a problem.

“In terms of if it were to come to—which would be wonderful–an opportunity to campaign together, I don’t think there’s any contradiction,” he said. “I think it’s true that President Clinton worked very well with Mayor Bloomberg and they had a lot of common ground. But I also am proud to come from the Clinton family and to have worked on their behalf and obviously in common cause.”

Mr. de Blasio is currently awaiting final results from the Board of Election that will determine whether he is the outright winner or will have to face a runoff against second-place Democratic challenger Bill Thompson.

Mr. Thompson’s campaign spokesteam did not immediately respond when asked whether Mr. Thompson had received calls from the Clintons, too.

Update (4:54 p.m.): A spokesman for Mr. Thompson’s campaign said the candidate had not received a call from either Clinton. Bill de Blasio Touts ‘Clinton Family’ Status