Bloomberg Trashes ‘Ideologues’ on Left and Right After Brooklyn Shooting

Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Brooklyn today.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Brooklyn today.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg blasted guns-rights advocates in Washington and stop-and-frisk opponents in the city after the shooting death of a 1-year-old boy yesterday.

“A misguided ruling from a federal judge and two bills passed by the City Council will make it harder for the NYPD to continue to reduce shootings and violent crimes, which primarily occur in minority communities, as we saw once again last night,” Mr. Bloomberg, standing with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, said today at a press conference near Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade.

“So the ideologues on the far right will continue to tell us our gun laws don’t need to be fixed,” he added. “And the ideologues on the left will continue to tell us we need to handcuff the police officers who have been unfathomably successful in reducing violent crime.”

Mr. Bloomberg used the occasion of the murder of Antiq Hennis, a Brownville baby shot in his stroller Sunday, to declare that the NYPD should held back in the wake of a federal ruling that found the police department’s use of stop-and-frisk unconstitutional. A federal judge, to Mr. Bloomberg’s chagrin, ordered the creation of a federal monitor for the NYPD. Mr. Bloomberg is appealing the ruling.

Further angering the mayor, the City Council recently overrode his veto on a pair of bills that will create an inspector general for the NYPD, lending additional oversight Mr. Bloomberg believes will hamper the police force and lead to spikes in crime.

“For 20 years in this city, crime has come down. God help us if we stop doing what we have been doing,” he said. “It is due to weak gun laws that the guns have come here–and permissive policing would turn around all the progress that we’ve made.”

Mr. Bloomberg also took aim at anti-gun control legislators in Washington.

“The constant flow of illegal guns into our city and into the hands of criminals happens for one reason and one reason alone. It’s caused by broken federal gun laws that Washington refuses to fix and broken gun laws in many states, which allow weapons to easily pass into the hands of criminals,” he said.

The mayor walked off, taking no questions. Bloomberg Trashes ‘Ideologues’ on Left and Right After Brooklyn Shooting