Buono receives matched funds

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono has finally gotten her money from the state matching funds program.

Buono was awarded $654,711 from the Election Law Enforcement Commission today, a no doubt welcome infusion to her campaign.  The state money brings her total raised to $1.3 million to date.

Gov. Chris Christie also received more funds from the state, which awarded him $740,760 in matching funds, bringing his total to $12.4 million with less than 60 days until the general election.

Buono’s money has been a long time coming.  Her first submission to the program was made Aug. 6 and a second submission was made Sept. 3, however it seems the state has matched just $327,000 of her total submission of more than $650,000.  The first $122,000 raised is not eligible, meaning about $210,000 in donations were not approved by ELEC.

Christie has received a total of 7,946,160 in matched funds, leaving about $350,000 in donations as yet unmatched by ELEC.

Buono receives matched funds