Buono unsucccessful at debate switch

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Barbara Buono has so far been unsuccessful in her attempt to move the second of two debates to Oct. 22.

In a release from the Election Law Enforcement Commission, the two debate dates have been listed as Oct. 8 and Oct. 15.

Buono had sent a letter to ELEC requesting either a change in date or a change in sponsor to move the date away from Oct. 15.  An attorney for the Democrat said that holding the debate on the 15 would detract from public opinion because the special general election for U.S. Senate is set for the following day.

The attorney claimed that Montclair State, the sponsor of the Oct. 15 debate, had originally provided Oct. 22 as the date but later moved it to the 15.  By changing the date, Buono’s attorney claimed, it gave ELEC jurisdiction to make the change.

However, ELEC Deputy Director Joe Donohue said at the time the letter was sent, Buono had not even qualified for the state matching funds program, which requires that candidates participate in two debates.    The state has no ability to change the date, Donohue said.

Buono unsucccessful at debate switch