Charles Hynes Reportedly Conceding General Election

Charles "Joe" Hynes. (Photo: Facebook)

Charles “Joe” Hynes. (Photo: Facebook)

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is apparently hanging up his spurs.

The New York Law Journal reported today that Mr. Hynes will not contest his re-election after losing the Democratic primary.

Though Mr. Hynes had initially conceded to challenger Ken Thompson after losing the Democratic vote earlier this month, multiple reports surfaced indicating that he was reconsidering his options, which included the possibility of campaigning on the Republican and Conservative lines.

But, after 24 years in the district attorney’s office, Mr. Hynes told the Law Journal he won’t campaign for the November election. He said he was “flattered people are trying to persuade me, but they’ve been unpersuasive” and his decision was “very firm.”

The Hynes campaign did not immediately respond to a request for further comment. The Thompson team pointed to an older statement on the matter.

“D.A. Hynes has spoken to nominee Ken Thompson and graciously offered a smooth transition, including space in the District Attorney’s office in the coming weeks,” Thompson spokesman James Freedland said previously. “We will take Mr. Hynes at his word that he will not be running as a Republican in November after a lifetime in the Democratic Party.” Charles Hynes Reportedly Conceding General Election