Christie alongside Lonegan and Perry? If schedule permits

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie won’t say for sure if he plans to share a stage with Steve Lonegan when Texas’ governor comes to town to endorse the Republican U.S. Senate hopeful – but, maybe.

The governor told reporters Wednesday he just heard earlier today that Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to travel to the Garden State to endorse Lonegan and that he’s not sure if his schedule will allow the three men to stand together.

After all, Christie said, he’s “in the last 48 days of [his] own campaign” and his first commitment is to getting re-elected.

“Gov. Perry and I have a great relationship. I’m glad that he’s coming in to help Steve, that’s great,” he said.

“Depending on what my schedule is that day, if I get a chance to be with him, great. If I got something else to do, I’ll do something else,” Christie continued. “But I’m glad Steve’s attracting other folks in the Republican Party from around the county.”

Christie noted Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was in the state recently to endorse Lonegan and said he hoped the Senate hopeful is successfully in attracting additional big names in the Republican Party.

The governor told reporters he helps Lonegan out when their “schedules overlap,” including a fundraiser Christie is doing for him Thursday night, the governor said. Christie alongside Lonegan and Perry? If schedule permits