Christie and Buono submit for matching funds

Gov. Chris Christie today submitted $335,960.00 and the gubernatorial campaign of State Sen. Barbara Buono submitted $215,559.48 to the state’s matching funds program, according to figures released by the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Christie’s submission brings his total to nearly $4.5 million raised, while Buono’s brings her total to about $650,000 in donations submitted.

Yesterday the state awarded Christie more than $7 million in matched funds based on his first submission of $4.1 million.  Early last month Buono submitted $440,000, but that amount has yet to be approved for matching.

Candidates must raise $380,000 in private donations to qualify and the state does not match the first $122,000 in contributions.  For every $1 in donations approved by ELEC, the state will match it with $2. Christie and Buono submit for matching funds