Christie: Debate date controversy ‘silliness’

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie referred to the back and forth on a date for the gubernatorial debates as “silliness” Wednesday, suggesting his Democratic challenger simply “show up” when the Election Law Enforcement Commission sets a date.

The response comes after Christie was asked to comment on reports that his challenger, Sen. Barbara Buono, requested the second gubernatorial debate be switched to a different date. The debate is set for Oct. 15, a day before the U.S. Senate election. Buono’s campaign argued the Oct. 16 special U.S. Senate race would affect viewership.

“What are people doing before an election that prevents them from watching a debate that’s happening?” Christie questioned, referring to team Buono’s reported issue with having a debate on the eve of the election.

“Are they sitting there in kind of a Zen state, meditating about whether they’re going to vote for Steve Lonegan or Cory Booker?” he said to laughs.

“I mean, what’s the implication?” he continued. “It’s like any other night.”

Christie went on to say he plans to “do the same thing [he] did four years ago” when he first ran for office.

“The sponsors tell me the dates, I show up,” he said. Christie: Debate date controversy ‘silliness’