Christie says Buono has no way to pay for her education platform

BEACH HAVEN – Standing in front of a reopened school here today, Gov. Chris Christie hammered at his opponent’s educational plan that was unveiled on Tuesday.

Christie said that Sen. Barbara Buono’s education platform at a minimum would cost $3 billion in new state spending just for its K-12 aspect.

Christie said that would be on top of a record amount the state already is spending: $9 billion.

When asked how she would pay for it, “her only answer is the millionaire’s tax, which by their estimate raises only $650 million,” Christie said.

The governor said that one can fairly conclude that the way she intends to pay for the rest of it is by raising taxes on everyone.

“My guess is she will raise taxes on everyone by a significant amount,’’ he said today.  Either that, or she will decide to not fund pensions as the state formerly did, or cut funding to hospitals, Christie said.

Christie said the state collects $11 billion from the income tax, and $9 billion of that is returned to school districts.  “To generate 30 percent more in revenue,’’ he said, “think about how high taxes would have to go up.”

He called her proposal folly and said “she has no way of paying for it.”

Buono unveiled an extensive platform Tuesday that includes instituting full-day kingergarten, restoring full funding for after-school programs, and for higher-education facilities, more tuition assistance and scholarships.

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