Christie up with negative spot.

Gov. Chris Christie today is up with his first negative ad of the general election, swatting at his opponent’s record on taxes and spending.

The ad, entitled “Who?” attacks Buono on several fronts, including an allegation that she voted to raise her own pay, while at the same time raising taxes.

In response to the ad, Buono said she couldn’t comment until she has seen it.

She did, however, dispute the pay raise allegation.

“I’ve been in the legislature for 12 years and I’ve made the same amount of money each year,” she said.

However, the bill, SS297, was passed by the Assembly – of which Buono was a part – on January 10, 2000 and raised lawmakers salaries from $35,000 per year to $49,000 per year. 

What the ad fails to mention is that Christie confidant and friend, Republican state Sen. Joe Kyrillos, was the prime sponsor of the bill.  

Kyrillos defended the raise as necessary to lure the best people to government.

“If we want the best executives and private-sector people to help run a $19 billion enterprise, we have to make it at least attractive,” he said at the time.

The bill also raised the salary of the governor, members of the Supreme Court and dozens of other board members and judges and was signed into law by Republican Gov. Christie Whitman.


Christie up with negative spot.