Chuck Schumer Says He’s ‘Still Not Running for President’

Chuck Schumer. (Photo: Getty)
Chuck Schumer. (Photo: Getty)

Don’t start printing “Chuck 2016” signs just yet.

Senator Chuck Schumer may be heading to the cornfields of Iowa, a longtime tradition for pols seeking the White House. But he insisted over Twitter this afternoon that he has no such ambitions.

“Don’t worry, still not running for President,” Mr. Schumer wrote.

The Associated Press reported earlier today that Mr. Schumer was chosen to be the keynote speaker at the famous Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, a major Iowa event that has previously fielded past presidential contenders, including Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Iowa caucus is the first to vote in the presidential primary and has huge sway in choosing candidates. Ms. Clinton, Mr. Schumer’s former colleague in the senate, is widely considered the early Democratic front-runner in 2016.

Mr. Schumer, however, said he would never run for president after a failed class president bid in his early childhood.

“I ran for President of my class at Cunningham Jr HS. I lost. I swore I’d never run for President again & that’s still true today,” he recalled. Chuck Schumer Says He’s ‘Still Not Running for President’