Committee considers opioid addiction coverage bill

TRENTON – Senate lawmakers took testimony on a bill Monday that its sponsor says will combat opioid addiction in the state.

The Senate Commerce Committee briefly discussed S3003 during a committee hearing. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Ray Lesniak, would restrict coverage of opioid drugs under the state’s worker compensation system.

Lawmakers did not case a vote on the bill, but agreed to move forward on the issue and make changes to the proposal in the near future.

However, senators did release S2998 from committee.

The bill would require people installing medical gas piping in dental offices and clinics to be certified by the state. The rule would also apply to animal and veterinary facilities.

Finally, the Senate Commerce Committee released S2116/A1545 from committee. The bill aims to streamline the process for reinstatement of suspended or inactive professional licenses regulated by the Division of Consumer Affairs.

It allows for quick licensure upon proof of out-of-state licensure from jurisdictions with “substantially equivalent” standards.

Reciprocity may only be granted if equal reciprocity is provided to a New Jersey applicant for licensure under the law of that other state.


Committee considers opioid addiction coverage bill