Eric Adams Says He’s Still Worried About Winning BP Race

State Senator Eric Adams yesterday.
State Senator Eric Adams yesterday.

Eric Adams, the Democratic nominee for Brooklyn borough president, says he’s still concerned about losing the November election–even though he faces only token opposition in the overwhelmingly Democratic borough.

“It’s far from over,” Mr. Adams declared at a Sukkot celebration in Crown Heights last night.

“Millions of dollars is going to be pumped into this race in the citywide election that’s going to trickle down to the borough-wide election. We need you now more than ever,” he said. “My champagne is on ice.”

The state senator, however, has little to worry about because he doesn’t have a Republican challenger. The only person standing between him and Borough Hall is a little-known Conservative Party candidate named Elias Weir. A veteran of several losing races, Mr. Weir has yet to open a campaign committee to raise funds while Mr. Adams has hauled in nearly $600,000.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Mr. Adams told Politicker that he worried the mayoral race at the top of the ticket, where Republican Joe Lhota is facing Bill de Blasio, will drive money down into his borough president’s race.

“I believe that with Lhota in the race, you’re going to have people outside the city that are going to be putting money in these races to try to impact New York City politics,” explained Mr. Adams. “I think we need to stay focused on the victory. The victory is in November.”

Mr. Adams also reflected on his uncontested primary election, in which supporters helped boot his one long-shot opponent off the ballot. Rather than fret about whether he will have true a mandate to lead, Mr. Adams drew a comparison between himself and President Barack Obama.

“Obama didn’t have any opponent on the Democratic line when he ran for president. He had one on the Republican line,” Mr. Adams said of Mr. Obama’s 2012 re-election. “His party embraced him. My party embraced me … Based on my years in law enforcement, my years as a state senator, my party felt I was the right candidate.”

Mr. Adams drew controversy earlier this year when federal investigators revealed he was one of a list of elected officials secretly recorded by ex-State Senator Shirley Huntley. Ms. Huntley, who was cooperating with authorities at the time, has since been sentenced to a year in prison for embezzlement.

Mr. Adams, however, has denied there was anything incriminating on those tapes. Eric Adams Says He’s Still Worried About Winning BP Race