Firefighter Suspended for Tweeting Dwight Schrute Quote

No, it wasn't "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica."

Quite an ethos.
Quite an ethos.

And so begins the latest chapter of Public Servant Tweets Dumb Thing, Gets Fired.

This time around, shit’s Canadian and there’s a Dwight Schrute quote involved. Two firefighters from Toronto have been fired over a series of sexist tweets, the Daily Dot reports.

One of the bros, Matt Bowman a.k.a. @hero_matt, tweeted “Reject a woman and she will never let it go. One of the many defects of their kind. Also weak arms,” according to the Daily Dot. This is a line from The Office, said by Dwight Schrute, clearly intended to make fun of people who are sexist. Mr. Bowman also tweeted, “I’d never let a woman kick my ass. If she tried something I’d be like hey! you get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie!” which, again, is a line from a TV show (South Park) that’s intended to make fun of people who are sexist.

To be fair, judging by his Twitter handle, it would appear @hero_matt is pretty self-aware and maybe even understood that these lines were intended to skewer sexist bros. But enough dumbasses actually started systematically kicking gingers after that one episode of South Park to prove that most of the show’s viewers don’t understand satire, so who knows. Either way, the tweets violate Toronto’s social media policy, the Daily Dot reports.

The second guy, Lawaun Edwards, expelled some digital flatus that was considerably harder to defend: after a friend criticized a woman for saying “like” too much, he responded, “would swat her in the back of the head been considered abuse or a way to reset the brain?”, which is both grammatically atrocious and sexist. He also once tweeted, “the way to a woman’s heart is through anal,” the Daily Dot says. Charming.

That account’s suspended now, while Mr. Bowman made his private, the Daily Dot reports. The two were suspended without pay last month, and they finally got the ax on Monday. So let that be a lesson to the Twitter-equipped public employees of the world: your baby-boomer bosses probably won’t get your ironically sexist or racist tweets, so just stick to your day job and leave the jokes to the pros. Firefighter Suspended for Tweeting Dwight Schrute Quote