Guy Gets Hit By Car While Trying to Make a Vine

Let's stick to goofy six-second rap songs, guys.

(Screengrab: YouTube)
Oops (Screengrab: YouTube)

Vine has come under fire in the past because people think it encourages people to do stupid and/or violent things just to record and share through the app. One man has bravely proven that yes, sometimes people make iffy decisions for the sake of entertaining their Vine followers, and yes, sometimes, their plans backfire and they end up in the hospital.

The Viner in question was trying to hop over a moving car. But he didn’t jump high enough and his feet got caught on the car, sending the poor guy flying through the air like a freaking lawn dart. At the end of the Vine, he appears to be in the back of an ambulance with some paramedics.

The Daily Dot identified him as Obi Nwosu, and posted some of his tweets: “back at mcnutt in bed. a cut to the bone, bruised left buttcheek, and some common sense. thank you everyone. dont do it for vine!” and later, “My decision today was so incredibly stupid and selfish. Good kids. Good families. Bad decisions. Big consequences.” Indeed.


Guy Gets Hit By Car While Trying to Make a Vine