Happy 153rd Birthday, Jane Addams: Google Is Maybe Running Out of Doodle Ideas

She was a boss and all, but still...

(Photo: Google.com)

(Photo: Google.com)

Google’s daily doodles often commemorate such worthy occasions as Malaysian Independence Day and Dr. Seuss’s birth. Some days, though, they leave us wondering if there is a secret committee of dads picking Doodle subjects. Today is one of those days.

On this lovely Friday, the Goog opted not to observe the official first day of being able to wear a pair of god-damn pants without breaking a sweat for Pete’s sake. Instead, they commemorated one of the most obscure occasions ever: Nobel prize winner Jane Addams’s 153rd birthday.

Yes, Ms. Adams was much more than a First Lady; click on the doodle and you’ll learn she was a Nobel prize winner, a suffragist, a public philosopher, a volunteer worker, and a person who dug world peace way before it was considered cool. She was basically the female Bono of the turn of the 19th century, and Christian Science Monitor is pretty sure she’s the world’s “best-loved woman,” because they clearly haven’t heard of Kate Middleton.

We don’t mean to downplay her achievements, but why celebrate her 153rd birthday? It feels, in the parlance of our times, kinda random.

A look back at recent Google Doodles, though, shows that the tech giant is actually quite fond of celebrating quasi-notable people’s prime-numbered birthdays: see John Wisden’s 187th Birthday on Sept. 5, and Claude Debussy’s 151st birthday on Aug. 22. We know it’s got to be tough to come up with a new doodle every damn day, but you guys, these are so boring. Here are some of Betatbeat’s ideas:

– A Nev and Max from Catfish-themed doodle.

– A pretend girlfriend from Japan-themed doodle.

– A crappy Facebook tattoo-themed doodle.

– An assortment of celeb sex tapes shot with Google Glass.

– Just some GIFs of Steve Ballmer screaming.

You’re welcome.

Happy 153rd Birthday, Jane Addams: Google Is Maybe Running Out of Doodle Ideas