Independence Party Asks Bill Thompson to Support Adolfo Carrión

Bill Thompson. (Photo: Getty)
Bill Thompson. (Photo: Getty)

It’s worth a shot, right?

Lenora Fulani, the leader of the controversial New York City Independence Party, penned a letter to Democrat Bill Thompson today asking him to back their mayoral candidate, ex-Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión Jr., over Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, if he concedes the race.

“I invite you to join with us in building that new progressive coalition by supporting Adolfo for mayor,” Ms. Fulani declared. “I know that supporting the Independence Party candidate for mayor was not a part of your original playbook, but the future of our city cannot be reduced to the future of the Democratic primary.”

Mr. de Blasio won more than 40 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary, with 99 percent of precincts reporting. But Mr. Thompson has repeatedly refused to concede a runoff until nearly 80,000 paper ballots are counted next week, even though some of his supporters and much of the Democratic establishment have urged him to step aside.

“Personally, I hold both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party responsible for the deteriorating conditions in our communities,” Ms. Fulani said in the letter. “For it, it is not a tale of two cities as much as it is a tale of two parties,” she added, taking a dig at Mr. de Blasio’s “Tale of Two Cities” campaign slogan and arguing the city needs a “new progressive” coalition that is “independent, multiracial and multi-strata” and works outside the parameters of the political establishment.

It appears unlikely, however, that Mr. Thompson, a life-long Democrat backed by two county-wide Democratic organizations, would throw his support to Mr. Carrión.

“Our focus is on making sure every Democratic vote is counted,” Mr. Thompson’s spokesman John Collins said.

Read the full letter below:

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