Jon Stewart Hearts the de Blasio Family

Jon Stewart is inspired by Dante de Blasio.

Jon Stewart is inspired.

The Daily Show weighed in on Tuesday’s election results last night, and celebrated mayoral winner Bill de Blasio’s “incredibly awesome family”–at one point donning an afro wig to try to be more like Mr. de Blasio’s famous son, Dante.

“Adopt me?” asked host Jon Stewart after playing a clip of the family on victory night doing their signature dance move, “The Smackdown.”

“You know, somehow after 12 years of captain soda narc, I think New York City might be ready for a charismatic biracial family with their own signature synchronized dance moves, that appear to have been beamed here from their very own 1970s musical variety special. Who is better than this family? Nobody is better than this family!” he proclaimed.

He also turned his attention to former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who sneaked into his own not-so-victory party through a McDonald’s to avoid sexting buddy-turned-porn-star Sydney Leathers and departed with a raised middle finger salute to the press. “It’s not really how it seems a mayoral campaign usually ends. It’s more how an episode of Cops ends,” Mr. Stewart joked.

Later, on The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert took credit for Joe Lhota’s win, after he endorsed the candidate for his “pro-crushing kittens” stance.

Both shows’ takes on the mayoral race can be viewed below:

Jon Stewart Hearts the de Blasio Family