KMart Trashes Emojis In Naked Attempt at Fashion Week Pandering

Excited to see their take on Internet Week.

"Emojis." (Photo: Kmart)
“Emojis.” (Photo: KMart)

In its naked eagerness to tap into the cultural zeitgeist that is New York Fashion Week and our obsession with emojis, KMart is trying to pry its way into the conversation with its own custom-created string of what it thinks are emojis.

The ploy is part of the company’s Fashion Week promotions as it rolls out Concierge, a “hashtag-powered, real-time delivery service.” That hashtag is #FashionWeekProblems, a collection of mishaps that plague the 1 percenters attending the festival because watching fashion shows is like walking the Grand Canyon on a tightrope…in stilettos.

(Of note, these can barely be classified as emojis since they’re not Japanese, can’t be downloaded to your phone and they look like Clip Art. But why let that ruin a press promotion? It’s fucking Fashion Week!).

It took a team effort to create these “emojis” including a collaboration between graphic designer Linsey Fields (dunno her), bloggers and designers, like Rachel Antonoff. The set of “playful and timely,” ugh, “emojis” include a depleted iPhone, a lukewarm kale smoothie that was created by Ms. Antanoff, and a guest list that is the word guest list written in size 48 on a clipboard.

Interestingly, the “emoji” set fails to include a picture of us wrapped up in our blanket, scrolling through NYFW hashtag on Tumblr with a half-eaten Ben and Jerry’s pint of ice cream dripping down our chest. Guess we all have different NYFW experiences.

KMart Trashes Emojis In Naked Attempt at Fashion Week Pandering